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Love this app!!!!

Love this app!!!




I really enjoyed being able to see the wonderful small dogs I can chose from. I will be driving to Visalia after having lab work done in Hanford. Thank you so much!!

Advocate for Hillside S. P. C. A.

Awesome app


I adopted my purebred golden retriever puppy Loki from this app and it was completely free! Way better than petfinder! :P

Great app! but could be better

I love how user friendly it is- loads quickly too. It would be so great if you could add “bonded pair” in the header so you know up front if the dogs are a pair. Also I don’t see a category in the description for “gets along with cats”.



Love this app except for the round pictures.

This app has great search options and is very easy to use. It has never crashed or hung on my iPhone 7 Plus. My only complaint is the round pictures in the search results list. Many of the pictures are hard to see because ears or noses are lopped off by the circle formatting. Please change them to squares!

Super helpful app!

Great app: Up to date real time. Within an hour my hubby bringing our puppy home, he was off the app. We found our puppy on the app, by using the easy search feature and the contact info provided. The photos are clear and accurate. Very helpful!

Revised format ...YES!

LOVE your site's revised format: just little tweaks here and there, but they are GOOD ONES. I use your site to check for dogs multiple times each day. Not only am I able to look for my 'new best friend,' but I am learning so much about dogs in general. This will help me be a better 'doggy-mamma' I'm sure. I'm on a mission made easier by your website.


Wonderful app has amazing dogs and I love what they are doing because they are helping to save so many homeless animals lives

Do not pay for anything if you're in NYC

No respectable filters will give you results in NYC. I will see if I can get my money back.

Filters Cost $$

Looked so promising until I realized I had to pay just to filter for dogs that were good with kids, along with just about every other important filter you'd want while searching for your pet. Don't bother.


I love the new version! I love being able to see a lot more animals because distance is no longer limited.

So excited!

This app is amazing and I'm so thrilled that it's been created! Thank you

Love everything about this app

Great information about everything to know about the animals available ❤️

Very cool. Just what I was looking for.

Very cool. Just what I was looking for.

We Rescue

Great app. I really like the filter!

Mostly happy

I am very happy with this app, but I wish I didn't have to pay to have it able to say it's house trained.

Amazing app

Found my future dog on here. So much easier than pet finder. Highly recommend! And it's free!!

Great app

Makes it easy to search by breed and distance!

Best for refinements, need more partner shelters

The most out of the apps I have used to choose type of dog, such as size, etc. also able to eliminate so you don't have to see the same ones you have eliminated due to preferences that couldn't be chosen.


Love it

Great App!

This is a wonderful and easy way to find amazing animals!


I gave it five stars because it only took me 30 min to find the horse I want and it also tells you how much u have to pay unlike other adoption apps


This is my 1st time using the app. I'm pleased so far!!

Woof Woof!

Great app!!!

Woof dog rescue

Great app. I use it regularly.

Great search options

Easy to filter by location, size, breed, activity level, etc. More options available with purchase. Very intuitive and fun to use app!

What app??

Just a few short weeks ago, Woof was the best rescue app out! Now renamed/branded as We Rescue and there is nothing. All searches come back with "please adjust your filters", and the only thing you *can* do is make purchases for a better version of the app. Very disappointing to think of all those animals losing their chance at the Good Life. Please address this issue asap!

I love this app

This app shows a lot of dogs I can rescue.The thing I like most is you can put down what you want in a dog and it's breed,male or female,or how old it is.

Wanted to like

App keeps crashing every time I click on more info about a dog. Sad because the photos were good, but way too frustrating.

Very useful

I love the different breeds of dogs it names but honestly y'all need to add more breeds of pit bulls. It names all these dogs but when you search it doesn't necessarily match you up. I love the app and the fact someone actually did this. Good luck

Woof Rescue

Fantastic app ... gives so much info about each animal and very easy to navigate


This is a wonderful app


Actually gives you plenty of info and makes pet searching super easy.

Forget the PetFinder app, this is the app you want!

This app actually works as opposed to The Petfinder app.

Review of Woof Rescue

I think the people at woof are trying to find homes for every abandoned and stray dog that come their way. They work with several other organizations trying to house, foster, adopt and get medical care for all that they possibly can and then some. They are working diligently right now before the end of the year crisis of people dumping their dogs and filling theirs shelters to capacity. I will help them spread their word and everyone please help empty their shelters and adopt. We all need to care about these little lives the way they do. They are a wonderful organization stand this app is very easy to use. Let's all help get these babies homes. Use Woof and find the dog of your dreams. Regards, Maureen Lilja.

I'm looking for my "dream dog" and this

WebSite is the way to go! It is a rescue, a compassionate organization that appears to be there for those that are looking for that one special dog! It is also there for dogs that need a home now, due to unfortunate circumstances. These dogs are strategically placed around the Vally " and beyond "! 😎 I look forward to working with this organization to find my "perfectly fit Companion", and maybe even be able to help out a dog 🐶 in need at the same time! They do more than just rescue dogs, they also are a wolf rescue! I definitely would recommend this "app", and Organization to anyone needing help with a stray dog or abused animal, or to anyone looking for their " perfect pet. 🐕

Woof, Woof, Woof🐾🐾🐾‼

Works a lot smoother than PetFinder. Especially good if you're looking for a Cocker Spaniel or Cocker Spaniel mix. Great choice of smaller dogs. Nicely put together app. Pictures are really great. 5🐕🐶rating

Go to application

This application has become my go to application in adopting a new best friend

Awesome app

Love this app

Very helpful

Great app if your looking to rescue a dog.

Great pet searching app

Overall o enjoyed this app over others (and sites) for finding a new pet. Good interface let's you get right to it, and advanced options should you need to dig in. One option I enjoyed was to search by radius so that it didn't bring up great pets from 4 states away. Also, seeing "since" (last week, yesterday) saved me from flipping through the same ones over and over. One thing that caught me in the interface was the full size image slideshow. It often crops important parts. I didn't realize at first that you could click on the image to get a more traditional slideshow. One thing that's not the apps fault is how discouraging it is that so many rescue shelters are terrible at getting back to people. (Calls, emails, etc) If someone could fix that, I believe more great pets would find forever homes faster.

Not for local sear

Great app with helpful filters to find your furry companion. App developer is also very responsive to inquiries/requests for assistance which is refreshing. Keep up the great work!

Great app!!!!

Brings speed and order to a very unruly process of searching for pets. I love this app and all shelters would do well to use this site!

Old Data

I've frequently monitored "Woof" for about six weeks. I've observed dogs being added occasionally, but seldom do I see dogs removed. My experience with rescues and other apps or sites, is that often you find a dog and they are unavailable days later. I don't believe the data on Woof is kept current. That said it serves no benefit to me, as someone actively looking for a dog.

Awesome and easy to use

I downloaded this app because it had a really great rating, and because I've been trying to adopt a dog across two rescues and my selected dogs end up going to other families. Woof shows amazing photos that automatically advance to any other photos of the same dog. I applied to adopt a real sweet dog - keep your fingers crossed!!



Accessing dog selection & form for preferred choices

Help How do I start. Am getting frustrated with miles of talk n no simple way to access your dog selection.

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